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At the edge of memory

At the edge of memory

Author: Michael King
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 168
Genre: Fiction | Literary
A Man Turns Up In New Zealand In The Early Years Of The Twentieth Century As If Out Of Nowhere. He Admits To No Past, Only To A Present And A Future; And He Reinvents Himself As A Catholic Businessman. But The Poressure Of Keeping A Secret, Of Having To Live With A Repressed Truth, Eventually Becomes Too Great. He Disintegrates, Emotionally And Physically, Leaving His Family Sparse Clues To His Origins And Identity. Michael King Investigates A Mystery That Had Engaged His Extended Family For Over Half A Century. The Answers He Finds Are Astonishing And Link That Irish-catholic Family Back To Australia, The United States, England, And Ultimately To South-east Poland. ...--book Jacket. A Family Mystery -- Perfidious Jews? -- The New York Connection -- Back To Shul -- Voices From Europe -- Out Of The Shtetl -- A Granddaughter's Story -- Who Will Say Kaddish? Michael King. Includes Bibliographical References (p. 167-168).
ISBN: 9780143018155
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