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Dad Art

Dad Art

Author: Damien Wilkins
Publisher: Victoria University Press
Pages: 232
Genre: Novel
Dad Art HomeFictionDad Art Image 1 Click to enlarge Price: $30.00 ISBN/SKU: 9781776560561 Author: Damien Wilkins Shipping: Calculated at checkout Quantity: Pin It DescriptionReviewsAlso Viewed Product Description 10 March 2016 It⁳ Wellington, now. Acoustic Engineer Michael Stirling⁳ old life is gone. He⁳ on the dating scene, learning te reo Maori, living in an upmarket apartment complex, and visiting his father who has dementia. Wearing his online dating disguise, Michael meets Chrissie, the widowed mother of a young son. Then his beloved adult daughter arrives from Auckland with a new attachment, an artist whose project will push them all towards key moments of risk and revelation. Dad Art is a vibrant, funny new work from the leading chronicler of contemporary life in Aotearoa. Told with great verve, this novel is about the capacity for surprise and renewal.
ISBN: 9781776560561
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