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Ivor the Invisible

Ivor the Invisible

Author: Raymond Briggs
Publisher: CHANNEL 4
Pages: 48
Genre: Children&apos
One Saturday morning John wakes up to find an invisible something sitting on the end of his bed. The something seems to be gigantic but John can't work out just how big it is. He tries to measure it, but the invisible giant won't let him. When John asks this strange new friend its name, the letters IVO appear on his mirror, so John decides to call him Ivor. The invisible giant plays tricks on John's mum and dad, whizzing the washing line round, spraying the neighbours with a hose pipe and stealing the cherries from the trifle when Auntie Barbara comes to tea. But he can be helpful too: he hoovers the carpets and even does the washing up. When Ivor tells John that he wants to go out with him, John takes him to the park where he gets up to even more mischief. but it is when John takes Ivor to school that the trouble really starts... "Ivor the Invisible" accompanies the film of the same name produced by Screen First for Channel 4. For the first time, Raymond Briggs has written a story especially for the screen and this book uses images based on his original drawings, selected and compiled by Sue Tong.
ISBN: 9780752220345
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