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Love and Summer

Love and Summer

Author: William Trevor
Publisher: Viking
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 212
Genre: Fiction | Literary
It's summer and nothing much is happening in Rathymoye. So it doesnt go unnoticed when a dark-haired stranger appears on his bicycle and begin photographing the mourners at Mrs Connulty's funeral. Florian Kilderry couldn't know that the Connultys are said to own half the town; he has only come to Rathymoye to photograph the scorched remains of its burnt out cinema. But Mrs Connulty's daughter, liberated at last by the death of her imperious mother, resolves to keep an eye on Florian Kilderry, and it's she who comes to witness the events that follow. A few miles out of town, Dillahan, a farmer and a decent man, continues to live with the knowledge that he was accidentally responsible for the deaths of his wife and baby. He has married again: Ellie is the young convent girl who came to work for him when he was widowed. She falls in love with Florian Kilderry and, although he is planning to leave Ireland and begin all over again after what he considers is his failed life, a dangerously reckless attachment develops between them.
ISBN: 9780670918249
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