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The Class (Dedalus European Classics)

The Class (Dedalus European Classics)

Author: Hermann Ungar
Publisher: Dedalus Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Genre: Literary
Josef Blau is a high school teacher in pre WWI Prague. Because he comes from a background less privileged than that of his pupils, he becomes increasingly insecure--then devastatingly obsessive. Rigid about order and discipline, he imagines his pupils watching him, waiting for the slightest weakness. The least infringement, he feels, will lead to the complete collapse of his tightly-ordered world. His other obsession is his attractive wife. Despite her assurances, he cannot believe she will be faithful to him. He forces her to shave her hair and wear shapeless clothes, yet still cannot conquer hi fears. Catastrophe looms.
ISBN: 9781903517192
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