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The Folded Clock

The Folded Clock

Author: Heidi Julavits
Publisher: DoubleDay
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 292
Genre: Literary
From back cover: Like many young people, Heidi Julavits kept a diary. Decades later she found her old diaries in a storage bin, and hoped to discover the early evidence of the peron (and writer) she'd since become. Instead, "The actual diaries revealed me to possess the mind of a paranoid tax auditor." Thus was born a desire to try again, to chronicle her daily life as a forty-something woman, wife, mother, and writer. The dazzling result is "The Folding Clock," in which the diary form becomes a meditation on time and self, youth, and aging, betrayal and loyalty, friendship and romance, faith and fate, marriage and family, desire and death, gossip, and secrets, art and ambition. "The Folded Clock" is as playful as it is brilliant, a tour de force by one of the most gifted prose stylists in American letters.
ISBN: 9780385538985
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