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The Inkberg Enigma

The Inkberg Enigma

Author: Jonathan King
Publisher: Gecko Press
Pages: 128
Genre: Literary
Haven't You Always Thought There's Something Weird About This Town, Miro? Miro And Zia Live In Aurora, A Fishing Town Nestled In The Shadow Of An Ancient Castle. Miro Lives In His Books; Zia Is Never Without Her Camera. The Day They Meet, They Uncover A Secret. The Fishing Works, The Castle, And The Town Council Are All Linked To An Ill-fated 1930s Antarctic Expedition. But The Diary Of That Journey Has Been Hidden, And The Sea Is Stirring Up Unusual Creatures. Something Has A Powerful Hold Over The Town. With Zia Determined To Find Out More, Miro Finds Himself Putting Aside His Books For A Real Adventure.
ISBN: 9781776572663
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