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The Secret Lives Of Somerset Maugham

The Secret Lives Of Somerset Maugham

Author: Selina Hastings | Selina
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 624
Genre: Literary
For nearly sixty years Somerset Maugham (1874'1965) was one of the most famous writers in the world. An enormously successful playwright and the author of over a hundred short stories and twenty-one novels ' several of which are now established classics ' Maugham expertly concealed a private life. Predominantly homosexual, and deeply in love with the charming but dissolute Gerald Haxton, he made a disastrous marriage to Syrie Wellcome which he would escape by travelling and writing extensively in the Far East. A talented linguist, during both world wars Maugham worked for British Intelligence. In between he moved in literary and theatrical circles in London , New York and Hollywood and entertained lavishly at his luxurious villa in the south of France . Outwardly his life was richly rewarding, but privately he suffered anguish from an unrequited love affair and a shocking final betrayal. Acclaimed biographer Selina Hastings has had access to Maugham's extensive private correspondence as well as to important family testimony, which sheds a fascinating new light on this complex and extraordinary man.
ISBN: 9780719565557
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