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The viewing platform

The viewing platform

Author: Ian Wedde
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 346
Genre: Novel
New Zealand's spectacular scenic views are used in this bitingly satirical novel as launching platforms for the catastrophic road trip by a team of dysfunctional cultural tourism consultants. They disappear, they go berserk, they self-destruct, the end up in porn sites and sit-down ablution facilities for the elderly. It's Beauty, Purity, Authenticity, Adventure and Hospitality that destroy the team. Combining satire, essay and road-trip storyline, The Viewing Platform also asks the questions: where are we when we re at home? In the sex-bandit underworld of Bangladesh ('Get here before the tourists do'), amid the marketable beauties of New Zealand s iconic landscapes, on, in the demand-side danger and supply-side safety of adventure tourism, in an Absolutely Pure place, home goes terribly wrong. So what survives?.
ISBN: 9780143020929
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