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The Wapshot chronicle

The Wapshot chronicle

Author: John Cheever
Publisher: Vintage (UK)
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 307
Genre: Novel
In the novel that established his reputation as an unparalleled observer of the dialectic between compassion and decorum, John Cheever followed the destinies of the impecunious and wildly eccentric Wapshots of St. Botolphs, Massachusetts. There are the stories of Cap-tain Leander Wapshot, venerable sea-dog and would-be suicide; of his licentious older son, Moses; and of Moses's adoring and errant younger brother, Coverly. Tragic and funny, ribald and splendidly picaresque, THE WAPSHOT CHRONICLE is a family narrative in the traditions of Trollope, Dickens, and Henry James.
ISBN: 9780099275275
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