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The War Between the Tates

The War Between the Tates

Author: Alison Lurie
Publisher: Vintage
Format: Paperback
Pages: 313
Genre: Fiction | Literary
'THE WAR BETWEEN THE TATES gently dissects the marriage between Brian Tate, a 46-year-old professor of political science, and his wife Erica. The Tates appear to have every advanatage: a stable, loving relationship, two attractive children, good friends, enough money. Then Brian begins an ill-advised affair with a female student, and the seams in the marriage come alarmingly apart. Lurie miraculously seems to understand men as well as she understands women; she has an astonishing rapport with the fragmented world of the teenager; she constructs her American academic backdrops with the craftsmanlike skill; she evinces rare wisdom, wit, and compassion; and she writes like an angel' Sunday Times
ISBN: 9780749397821
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