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Truth and consequences

Truth and consequences

Author: Alison Lurie
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 241
Genre: Fiction | Literary
Over the years, Alison Lurie has earned a devoted readership for her satiric wit and storytelling acumen. With "Truth and Consequences," described by the "New Yorker" as "a comedy of adultery with a comedy of academia thrown in," Lurie returns with a modern social satire that recalls the best of David Lodge and Mary McCarthy as well as her own popular university novels "The War Between the Tates" and "Foreign Affairs." BACKCOVER: "A wily, shapely tale of love's labors lost." -"Elle" "A wry, insightful, thoroughly enjoyable tale about how men and women choose their demons and their lovers, and the sacrifices they're willing to make for both." -"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution" "Delightful . . . Her characters are, as always, wonderfully imperfect." -"The New York Review of Books"
ISBN: 9780099485063
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