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Vernon subutex

Vernon subutex

Author: Virginie Despentes
Publisher: Maclehose Press
Genre: Fiction | Literary
Who is Vernon Subutex? An urban legend. A fall from grace. The mirror who reflects us all. Vernon Subutex was once the proprietor of Revolver, an infamous music shop in Bastille. His legend spread throughout Paris, touching artists and fans alike. But by the 2000s, with the arrival of the internet and the decline in CDs and vinyl, his shop is struggling. When it closes, Subutex is out on a limb, with no idea what to do next. Nothing sticks. Before long, his savings are gone, his employment benefit is cut, and when the friend who had been paying his rent dies suddenly, Vernon Subutex finds himself out on the streets. He has in his possession, though, the last filmed recordings of his dead friend and benefactor and a crowd of people are now on Vernon's trail.
ISBN: 9780857055415
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