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Artist / Author Booking 

Instructions for artists and authors:

APPLY: read this information so you know what the arrangements will be and then fill out the form below this text.


SOUNDWe have a small PA system with eight channels, two condenser mics and one directional mic and one mic stand, no DIs. We find this is sufficient for our small space. If you need more than that please bring it with you.

SEATING AND TICKETING: Our venue seats between 50 comfortably and up to 60 at a squeeze. Bookings may be made via eventfinder  and you or the Undercurrent may make tickets to sell at the door and/or create online ticketing via one of the ticketing platforms. 

HOSTING: We can MC the event, serve/sell wine and food, set up, and clean up - we sometimes ask for a bit of help with this. The band gets a free wine and food. Please message us in the form below if you have other arrangements in mind.

TIMING: Arrive around 4-6pm for set up. The opening act if there is one, usually plays from about 7.30 – or so, followed by a break. At about 8.30 - 9.00 the feature act will play.

PUBLICITY: Send us a poster and bio preferably four weeks prior to your event. Your poster needs to include our logo, which is here below and these details ....

presented by the Undercurrent,

Date, starts at 7pm, price,

food and drink available,,

118 Tory street


PUBLICITY: We will share your poster on our social media channels, make a FB and eventfinder event, we may post limited copies of your poster in the local area and include a short article in our monthly newsletter. Other publicity can be discussed. You will be expected to publicise the event to your networks.

$$$: Expenses such as printing will be covered from the event income first ($30 - 40). Unless otherwise arranged, the feature artist will receive 70% of the net door take and we will leave it to you what you give to your opening act. If there is an opening act that we have arranged then you will get the 65% of the door and we give 5% to the opening act. You will need to give us an invoice on the night after the amount becomes known and we will pay into an account you give us within one week

PARKING: We have one space at the Tory St side of the building in front of the shop. 

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