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Helena’s Storytime Series: Oldtime vs. Bluegrass

✨Helena’s Storytime Series✨

February Episode: The Difference Between Oldtime and Bluegrass Music! 🎶🪕

The video features an Oldtime track in the background to pique your interest in the genre (or, if you’re already a fan, bonus points to name the track!)

See the transcript below:

"So I'm an oldtime musician, and the difference between oldtime and bluegrass is... there's a few differences.

Old time is a few hundred years older than bluegrass. Bluegrass really developed in the forties and fifties when oldtime musicians kind of moved into the cities because of disruptions in the countryside.

And then when the oldtime music met with jazz and it hit the stage, it kind of developed into something more dazzling and entertaining. Whereas oldtime kind of stayed as a more participatory thing and it kind of gets you into more of a trance.

And you don't really get that with bluegrass because it's so entertaining. You don't get into that deep state. And for me, it's just my opinion, but that's what I love about oldtime is you kind of get into a bit of a trance state.

And I just love the style."

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