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📖 PHILIP'S BOOK REVIEWS: Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead

Updated: Feb 15

Each month (fingers crossed!), our resident literary connoisseur, Philip, will review a book available in the shop. Read Philip's review of Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead by Barbara Comyns below:

"A strange, beautiful novel, published in 1956, that I had to read again to savour more fully the elegant, compelling prose... It begins: ‘The ducks swam through the drawing-room windows. The weight of the water had forced the windows open; so the ducks swam in’. And so follows a series of bizarre and gruesome deaths in a claustrophobic village in England set in sone indeterminate time. Both tragic and comic, the narrator describes it all in a detached almost child-like naïveté."

A copy of Who Was Changed will be available in the shop from today for only $15!

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