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Jeff in Venice, death in Varanasi

Jeff in Venice, death in Varanasi

Author: Geoff Dyer
Publisher: Text Publishing
Pages: 296
Ah Venice! The Canals, Palazzos, Gondoliers, Vaporetti... The Bellinis. Jeff Atman, Hack Writer, Is In Town For The Biennale. Ostensibly To Fulfil A Freelance Commission; Actually To Attend As Many Parties And Soak Up As Much Free Booze As Logistically Possible. Then He Meets Laura. Suddenly, Amid The Compulsive Socialising And Irony-clad Banter, There Is The Possibility Of Something More. And Then There Is Varanasi. A Freelance Writer Arrives To Do A Travel Piece. Just A Short Visit- Time To Take In The Impossible Traffic, The Dubious Waters Of The Ganges, The Ordure-streaked Ghats And Multifarious Gods; And To Encounter Destiny. A Tale Of Two Very Different Cities That Appear Surprisingly Similar. Two Separate Stories That May, In Fact, Be One. Ingenious And Vastly Entertaining, Jeff In Venice, Death In Varanasi Is A Novel About Love, Death-and The Various Processes Of Transformation.
ISBN: 9781921520303
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