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Author: Mandy Hager
Publisher: Random House New Zealand
Pages: 411
Genre: Young Adult
Maryam fights for her life, freedom and love in this stunning finale to the Blood of the Lamb series. Maryam and Lazarus arrive back at Onewere and Maryam, in trying to loosen the Apostles' religious stranglehold by showing the people the miraculous remedy, is captured. The ruling elite decide to manipulate her return and Lazarus's so-called 'resurrection from the dead' by setting in motion a highly orchestrated pretence of embracing her as the new Messiah - right down to planning her eventual sacrifice and death by crucifixion before a hysterical and brain-washed crowd. In a sequence that mirrors Christ's final hours, Maryam must somehow get the islanders to listen to her plea to start thinking for themselves - eventually managing to stir the independence in their hearts just as she is about to be put to death... 'This book had me on the edge of my seat every time I picked it up and constantly dreading turning the page but unable to stop. Maryum's story once again captivated me. I'm going to recommend this to my friend who has also read the rest of the series and loves it as well.' Danelle,16
ISBN: 9781869795221
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