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Shaedow Master

Shaedow Master

Author: Justin Apos | Ath
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Pages: 268
Genre: Children&apos
Ora waded frantically towards the shore. She didn't need to look over her shoulder to know what was there. The surface of the lake bulged into a long, smooth mound that hurled itself after her, faster than a galloping horse. Quickwater Lake is as black as night, a dark jewel in the heart of Folavia. But it is deadly, and only one person - baby Ora - has survived the quickwater. Now almost fifteen, Ora is drawn to the natural world beyond the castle gates...and something in the lake is calling to her. Soon she is caught up in a web of betrayal that threatens the very existence of the kingdom. Ora must confront the King's terrible secret and discover the truth about the Shaedow Master before her world is torn apart. A stunning new mythical adventure, set in a troubled world where one young girl may hold the key to healing old wounds and restoring life to the drought-ridden land, this is a book to set alongside Pullman, Nicholson and Le Guin.
ISBN: 9781865087382
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