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Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures

Author: Anne Enright
Publisher: Random House
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 226
Genre: General Fiction
The stories in Taking Pictures are snapshots of the body in trouble: in denial, in extremis, in love. Mapping the messy connections between people and their failures to connect the characters are captured in the grainy texture of real life: freshly palpable, sensuous and deeply flawed. From Dublin to Venice, from an American college dorm to a holiday caravan in France, these are stories about women stirred, bothered, or fascinated by men they cannot understand, or understand too well. Enright s women are haunted by children, and by the ghosts of the lives they might have led lit by new flames, old flames, and flames that are guttering out.A woman s one night stand is illuminated by dreams of a young boy on a cliff road, another s is thwarted by an swarm of somnolent bees. A pregnant woman is stuck in a slow lift with a tactile American stranger, a naked mother changes a nappy in a hotel bedroom, and waits for her husband to come back from the bar. These are sharp, vivid stories of loss and yearning, of surrender to responsibilities or to unexpected delight; all share the unsettling, dislocated reality, the subversive wit and awkward tenderness that have marked Anne Enright as one of our most thrillingly gifted writers.
ISBN: 9780224085335
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