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The Information

The Information

Author: Martin Amis
Publisher: Flamingo
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 494
Genre: Novel
"But he had other information to process, the kind that only comes when life is turning, the kind you have to be there to get, because no one will ever tell you about it. And if they did - you'd never listen." There aren't many ways for one writer to hurt another. Even if the literary world were as hopelessly corrupt as some people like to think it is, a writer cannot seriously damage a rival. This is the unwelcome conclusion reached by Richard Tull, failed novelist, when he contemplates the agonising success of his best friend (and worst enemy) Gwyn Barry. A scathing review, a scurrilous profile? Such things might hurt Gwyn Barry, but they wouldn't hurt him. So Richard Tull is obliged to look elsewhere, to the weapons of the outside world - seductions and succubi, hoaxes, mind games, frame-ups, sabotage - until at last Richard finds what he is looking for: a true professional - someone who hurts people in exchange for cash.
ISBN: 9780002253567
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